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About the Almaack

This page is dedicated to the USS Almaack and the men who served on board during her service in WWII. 


USS Almaack (AKA-27/10) was an Andr omeda class attack cargo ship,named after Almaack, a star system in the constellation Andromeda. She served as a U.S. commissioned ship for 4 years and 11 months. 


The USS ALmaack was laid down as the Executor, a merchant ship under the Maritime Commission, on March 14, 1940 by the Fore River Yard of Bethlehem Steel Company. She was launched on September 21, 1940. On June 3, 1941 Executor was acquired by the US Navy, converted at the Tietjen and Lang Dry Dock Co., Hoboken, N.J.to a cargo ship, renamed Almaack and classified as AK-27.Almaack was commissioned at the Army Transport Service Base, Brooklyn on June 15, 1941, with Commander Thomas R. Cooley in command.